Today I will show you a simple way to create a repeat model on Photoshop CC. It consists of creating a piece of art which will then be replicated seamlessly. This sort of approach is fantastic for clothing designs, packaging, wallpaper and wallpaper in real life! It can be as complicated or as subtle as you want to repeating pattern in Photoshop.

Setup of Paper

First and foremost, make a new text. The size of this will decide how large your pattern will be so that you know how big it is at this stage.

create as many copies

Simple control path selection

Select the control path to display or turn it as required immediately. Choose with a mouse too. The Control Path button in the panel helps you to switch between pattern elements and repeat dimension changes easily.

Large image support

Use images of any size supported in your Photoshop edition. The plug-in does not in any way limit document sizes.

Image size dynamically changed

Speed up significantly and increase efficiency by reducing the picture size of your flying pattern.

Using smart objects to create patterns of elements randomly distributed across the repeat region quickly. Keep similar elements related. Create as many copies as you would like. Switch, flip and size copies freely to achieve a more organic look. When you are finished, rebuild the pattern with a click. These are the ways of using Photoshop to make a repeating pattern.

Choose the custom pattern

Now click the thumbnail near the ‘custom template’ in the template menu and the pattern you just produced should be in the last line in the drop-down box.