Pixel art is a digital art form, in which pixel-level images are generated and edited using a graphics editing program. Pixel art is characterized by its unique visual style, in which pixels serve as the building blocks that make up the image. The result is very close to the visual style of mosaic, cross-stitch and other kinds of techniques of bordering.

Typically, Photoshop helps to stop blocking the effect by combining the pixels together and smoothing it out while extending an image and adding more pixels. Let’s discuss about Steps to make a picture into pixel art with Photoshop.

While the pixel art was not considered to be an art at the time, developers could use limited graphics and computer resources to create images. Graphics cards could not yet render more than a few pixels, so the programmers had to work with each pixel to make sure the overall picture was meaningful. The above-mentioned constraints meticulously and hard work, but with technology progressing, this technique became obsolete.

But this way of producing photographs persisted as a form of digital art because of both the nostalgia and the special nature of the visual style. Pixel art is not confined to games and is widely recognized in the community of digital art.


The automatic setting is usually good since it helps Photoshop to choose the best method for the job. However, the issue is that Photoshop assumes that we dimension again a regular picture in great detail. Therefore, it chooses a way that makes a typical picture look fine. But the same way makes pixel art look poor, and similar styles of graphics. Therefore, we need to use a particular form of interpolation ourselves when sampling pixel art.