The Liquify tool is one of Photoshop’s most popular filter. It helps you to alter the pixels in a photo without losing consistency, which is important to your wedding customers in the photos they send. Below are the different tips to use the liquify tool.

For retouching and artistic effects, the Photoshop Liquify method, popular as the Liquify filter, can be used. You can push, pull, rotate, reflect, select and bloat image pixels. This tool is particularly useful in pictures of people that is ideal for you as a photographer taking dedications and marriage days.

In the dialogue box you can set tool options based on your requirements. This is ideal for you, as you have a distinctive photographic style requiring complex modifications for your marriage pictures.

Liquify filter

The brush size is the first choice you can set in the Liquify dialogue box. You can change the width of the brush with the choice for brush size.

The next choice for the Liquify dialogue box in Photoshop is the brush density. You can monitor how the brush plumes at the edge of the picture with the choice of brush density.

The brush pressure in the Liquify dialogue box is another alternative. The brush pressure choice allows you to set the velocity at which the brush changes as you pull it on the image.

One choice you can set in the Photoshop Liquify dialogue is the brush rate. The brush rate choice allows you to set the speed of the brush when the tool is stationary in the picture.

One last option you can set to change the stylus pressure for your wedding photos. Now that the tools and choices in Photoshop are protected, we will go through ways to change your images using the Liquify filter.