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Benefits of using good UX

A website design is the main function that attracts thousands of customers. UI and UX help to refine and enhance the design of a website and if you do not use it, you really lose something that is effective and helpful. Using UI and UX for a good website is […]

design concepts
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What are the 4 principles of design?

If it’s setting up your online shop, your personal blog or publishing your company website design could be a difficult thing to decide. It requires skill and enough attentiveness to achieve the end result that please to the viewers. If you want to do this, adopt the using 4 design […]

design composition
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What are the six elements of visual design

Design composition is known to be an incredibly complex process particularly for those with design expertise. It is a constant challenge to weigh and consider a long list of elements during the design phase of each individual project. However, some elements are more critical than others, in that you will […]

Visual Design

Why is layout important in graphic design?

A good layout is a significant building block in graphic design, since it is the primary tool that sends the message in a publicity. What is the style of the page? The layout of a page is the arrangement on a design page of text, images and other objects. The […]