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Ways to create a temporary landing page

A landing page is a page concentrating on basic details about your advertising. You use landing pages for PPC ads, social media advertising, email marketing and more. If you can use pages from your web as landing pages, with personalized landing pages you can produce better results. The landing pages […]

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Steps to make a picture into pixel art with Photoshop

Pixel art is a digital art form, in which pixel-level images are generated and edited using a graphics editing program. Pixel art is characterized by its unique visual style, in which pixels serve as the building blocks that make up the image. The result is very close to the visual […]

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How to repeat pattern in Photoshop

Today I will show you a simple way to create a repeat model on Photoshop CC. It consists of creating a piece of art which will then be replicated seamlessly. This sort of approach is fantastic for clothing designs, packaging, wallpaper and wallpaper in real life! It can be as […]

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How do you liquefy without changing your background?

The Liquify tool is one of Photoshop’s most popular filter. It helps you to alter the pixels in a photo without losing consistency, which is important to your wedding customers in the photos they send. Below are the different tips to use the liquify tool. For retouching and artistic effects, […]